Our Cat Food Brands

Our Cat Brands

Keeping pets happy and healthy

Over 85 years’ worth of expertise have gone into the PURINA® range. So we’re incredibly proud that our pet foods are among the UK’s best-known and best-loved brands. We understand that few things matter more than the health and happiness of your pets. Which is why each of our foods is formulated by PURINA® experts to provide 100% of the nutrients pets need to stay healthy, today and tomorrow.

Here is a list of our brands, click on a logo for more information on that brand.

Purina One®

Purina ONE® Cat Food

Specifically formulated to meet the complete nutritional needs of cats, PURINA ONE® is available in both life stage and lifestyle formulas. The advanced tailored nutrition in PURINA ONE® means that in just 3 weeks, you could see a visible difference in your cat’s health.

Purina One®


CARA PENYERTAAN Langkah 1: Beli produk FRISKIES® yang turut serta bernilai minima RM10 dalam 1 (satu) resit. Setiap RM10 layak untuk 1 peryertaan. Langkah 2 : Tuliskan Nama Penuh, Number Mykad di atas resit bercetak asal anda. Langkah 3: Ambil 1 gambar yang lengkap dan jelas dan Whatsapp ke +6014-6308 361 JADUAL BAGI SYARAT PERYERTAAN Tempoh Promosi: Bermula jam 00:00:00 pada 15/08/2020 dan ditutup jam 23:59:59 pada 31/10/2020. Kelayakan: Promosi ini dibuka kepada semua penduduk Malaysia berumur 18 tahun dan ke atas pada permulaan Tempoh Promosi. Bukti Pembelian: Beli minima RM10 mana-mana produk makanan kucing FRISKIES yang turut serta dalam satu resit ASAL dari mana-mana kedai sepanjang Tempoh Promosi. Setiap Resit hanya layak untuk [1] penyertaan WhatsApp SAHAJA Senarai Produk: i. FRISKIES Kitten Discoveries (400g/1.1kg) ii. FRISKIES Adult Indoor Delights (1.1kg/2.8kg) iii. FRISKIES Adult Meaty Grill(450g/1.2kg/3kg) iv. FRISKIES Adult Seafood Sensations (450g/1.2kg/3kg/7kg) v. FRISKIES Surfin’ Turfin’ Favourites (450g/1.2kg/3kg/7kg) vi. FRISKIES Party Mix Original Crunch (60g) vii. FRISKIES Party Mix Mixed Grill Crunch (60g) viii. FRISKIES Party Mix Beachside Crunch (60g) Jadual bagi Syarat Penyertaan ini mesti dibaca bersama dengan Syarat Penyertaan dan Notis Privasi yang boleh didapati di [https://www.facebook.com/PetsDistrictMY/], secara kolektif dinamakan “Terma dan Syarat”, yang akan mengikat semua peserta yang menyertai Promosi ini. Dengan menyertai Promosi, anda telah membaca dan bersetuju dengan Terma dan Syarat dan pemprosesan maklumat peribadi anda dalam Notis Privasi yang dertakan pada Terma dan Syarat. Talian Percuma Khidmat Pengguna: 1800 88 7462.
Felix® Cat Food

Felix® Cat Food

To satisfy the needs of our loveable mischievous rascals, discover the irresistible range of FELIX® products: tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours to delight your cat’s senses: flavourful jellies, sauces and even crunchy toppings! It’s hardly surprising that clever cats get FELIX®.
fancy feast

Fancy feast

Why FANCY FEAST®? With Fancy Feast, every meal is thoughtfully prepared, culinary crafted with hand selected ingrdients down to the smallest detail -  we give your at the ultimate delight she desires. Fancy Feast  lets you show how much you really love her.


Get litter box odor under control when you use PURINA TIDY CATS® non-clumping cat litter in your cat family's litter boxes.