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PURINA® has been one of the leaders in the advancement of pet care and pet nutrition for over 85 years. Our expert nutritionists, food scientists, veterinary professionals and animal behaviorists are all passionately dedicated to helping pets live long, happy and healthy lives.

And because the nutrition from the pet food you feed your pet is the single most important thing for their overall health, we put a huge amount of research into producing nutritionally complete and balanced, palatable pet food that helps support and maintain your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Here at PURINA®, we think life is better with pets – and that people and pets are better together. When it comes to pet nutrition, we don’t just try to meet standards – we strive to exceed them. From dental health to cognitive health, our research into pet diets is driving nutrition forwards.
Bright eyes, a shiny coat and a playful personality are the telltale signs of any healthy pet, and it all starts with a proper diet. That's why we're working continuously to advance the science of health and nutrition for pets. Keep your pet happy, healthy and strong with Purina.
We believe that when people and pets come together, life is better. It’s a sentiment that has been part of our businesses through time and really brought to life through the PURINA® brand that William H. Danforth created in 1904. This belief is now placed at the heart of everything we do and the products we make across the globe