Your Pet, Our Passion.
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Who We Are

Creating richer lives for pets, and the people who love them.

We believe that when people and pets bond, life becomes richer.

It’s a sentiment that has been part of our businesses through time and really brought to life through the PURINA brand that William H. Danforth created in 1904.

This belief is now placed at the heart of everything we do and the products we make across the globe.

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About us
Our Story, Purpose & People
Creating richer lives for pets and the people who love them is what we do best and why we exist.
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Feeding & nutrition
Our Nutritional Philosophy
With our 500 strong global team of PURINA® nutritionists, scientists, vets and animal behaviourists, we are on a mission to raise the bar for pet nutrition.
Feeding & nutrition
Every Ingredient Has a Purpose
We only select dog and cat food ingredients for nutrition that helps your pet live his best life possible.
Purina Institute and innovation
Our science
The Purina Institute & Innovation
Since its inception, Purina has been a pioneer in nutritional innovations with the goal of helping dogs and cats live better, longer lives.
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Our Impact
Our impact
We're focused on achieving our commitments to pets and their families, communities and the environments we operate in to enable healthier and happier lives for people, pets & the planet.
Your Questions Matter

Your questions about our products, operations and impact on the planet are important to us, as we believe transparency can empower consumers to make choices that are even more informed.

Our Brands

We're proud to make one of the most popular and trusted pet food brands globally. We're working continuously to advance the science of health and nutrition for pets. Keep your pet happy, healthy and strong with PURINA.

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We’re here to answer all your pet-related questions – big or small, really serious or a little silly. Get in touch with us directly any time.