Purina® History


Our rich heritage has played a vital role in establishing PURINA® as a global leader in pet nutrition. Want to find out more? Use the tabs below to discover each brand’s unique history.


Joel Spiller sets up business as a Corn Factor and Dealer in Bridgewater, Somerset.


With a little help from business partner Samuel Browne, Spiller builds the UK’s second ever steam-powered mill.


Spiller and Co. takes on a second premise – a bakery in Cardiff. The company’s first ever dog biscuits were produced here shortly afterwards.


Spiller and Co. becomes a public company.


Spiller and Co. merge with Bristol-based William Baker and Sons to become Spillers and BAKERS® Limited.


Along with George Robinson and William Andrews, William H. Danforth found the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company. Together they set about the business of manufacturing feed for farm animals, changing the name to Ralston PURINA® in 1902.


Spillers and BAKERS® Limited launch SHAPES – a brightly coloured biscuit for dogs. 100 years later, and SHAPES is still available in the shops!


World War I is declared on 28 July. By this time, Spillers is producing 18 different varieties of dog biscuits at factories in Cardiff, Bristol, London, Newcastle and Birkenhead.


The world’s first research centre for canine nutrition is opened in Seattle, USA by the Carnation Corporation – the company behind Friskies.


Almost a hundred years after its foundation, Spillers continues to expand dramatically, taking over no fewer than seven subsidiary companies by 1923.


PURINA sets up the first pet nutrition and care centre at PURINA® Farms, near Gray Summit, Missouri. Today, this centre has evolved into the Nestlé PURINA® Pet Care Centre in Northwest Missouri.


Spillers is officially fit for royalty, as the brand is granted the Royal Warrant for dog food.


WINALOT® is launched as a specialist food for greyhounds – fuel to ‘win a lot’ of races! At the same time, the company decides to unify and consolidate its sub-brands, and re-launches under a new name: Spillers Limited.


The pet food and animal feed trade take off, with Spillers’ WINALOT®, SHAPES and SAVAL all becoming UK brand leaders.


With the War came rationing – and a severely restricted supply of flour for dog biscuits. The use of tin plate for canned pet foods is also prohibited.


Friskies bring something new to the pet food market… their first ever range of canned wet food for dogs


Following the success of their canned wet food for dogs, Friskies share the love with their feline friends and launch their first range of tinned cat foods.


Restrictions on flour and other cereals are finally lifted, leading to a new surge in the bakery and pet food markets – and intense competition.


PURINA® celebrates another world’s first, as Purina Dog Chow® becomes the first pet food made using extrusion technology. This same technology is still used to make the distinctive shapes we know as ‘kibbles’ to this day.


Tails are set wagging BAKERS® the country as Spillers launch their first ever meat-based canned dog food – WAGALOT.


Spillers acquires Spratts Patent Limited, and with it their leading brand, BONIO® – the original bone-shaped dog biscuit. New brands PRIME and PRIZE soon follow popular cat food brand, TOP CAT, to be distributed nationwide.


PURINA® answers the needs of a growing population of American housecats by launching a new range – Purina Cat Chow®.


After taking over Scottish Animal Products Ltd., Spillers increases production of canned pet food three-fold thanks to new canneries in Barrhead, Scotland and Malone, Northern Ireland. The takeover also sees two leading brands added to their portfolio - ARTHURS (originally KATTOMEAT) and KENNOMEAT.


Not only do Spillers set up the Spillers Nutritional Centre and Pet Care Unit, they also buy out Wright & Company Ltd., acquiring Wright’s ALL-IN-ONE biscuit brand in the process.


Two more leading pet food brands are added to the Spillers mix – STAMINA for dogs and PAWS for cats. Both acquired from the takeover of Stamina Foods, a sub-brand of Rank Hovis McDougall Ltd.


Having recognised that small dogs require their own special nutrition, Friskies launches the Mighty Dog brand – a specially formulated range for more ‘compact’ canines.


Friskies launch GO-CAT® – the world’s first 100% complete and balanced dry cat food.


Spillers head for pastures new and relocate their Head Office to New Malden, Surrey.


The Spillers Group is bought out by the Dalgety Group for £72.5 million.


Nestlé S.A. acquires the Carnation Corporation, including Friskies Pet Food. Together, they decide to keep the Friskies name to become Friskies Europe.


Ralston sells the PURINA® Mills animal feed business so that the company can focus on dog and cat food.


PURINA® launches its groundbreaking 14 year study, which scientifically proves that feeding dogs to their ideal body condition can help them to stay healthier for longer.


A new exciting acquisition for Friskies Europe. This time, it’s ALPO Pet Foods (USA), the brand whose spokesman, Lorne Greene, had such faith in its produce, he even tasted the food for himself!


Paragon Petcare, with manufacturing plants in France, Germany and the Netherlands are acquired from BP Nutrition Ltd.


The Dalgety Group acquires Quakers' European pet food business, including leading cat food brand FELIX®.


Almost 170 years after its inception, Spillers Pet Foods joins forces with Nestlé S.A. to become one of the world’s largest pet care companies.


Nestlé sets up the world’s first and only Canine Reference Family DNA Distribution Center to help top researchers advance their work in canine genetics.


On 12 December, Nestlé takes on Ralston Purina to become Nestlé PURINA Pet Care, a move which helps increase the availability of PURINA® products across the globe – much to the delight of pets and owners alike!


After years of planning, the PURINA® Event Center is unveiled. Designed to host even the largest cat and dog shows, the indoor exhibition space features a padded sports floor, 150+ grooming stations and dedicated dog bathing rooms.