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Quiz: What Dog Breed Are You?

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Have you ever wondered what breed you'd be if you were a dog? Well now you can find out! Take our quiz to discover which dog breed matches your personality here.

Everyone has a favourite breed of dog, one that they've dreamt of owning for as long as they can remember. But have you ever wondered what dog breed you would be? All dog breeds are unique and possess characteristics that make them just as individual as different people.

Want to find out what dog breed you are? Take our dog breed quiz below to find out which dog breed most closely matches your personality! Simply add up your answers and find out what dog breed you are at the end. Good luck!


1. What's your favourite way to spend your free time?

a) Playing Frisbee in the park with friends.
b) Treating myself to a spa day.
c) Chilling out at home.
d) Volunteering at a local charity.
e) Planning my next big adventure.

2. What's an essential part of your morning routine?

a) Going for a run.
b) Perfecting my hair, obviously!
c) Morning routine, pah! I roll out of bed and look perfect.
d) Making my loved ones breakfast.
e) Going on Instagram and drooling over travel snaps.

3. Where would you prefer to live?

a) Scotland.
b) Germany.
c) Paris.
d) Canada.
e) Siberia.


4. What's your favourite season?

a) Spring.
b) Summer.
c) Autumn.
d) I love all seasons!
e) Winter.

5. Which of these is your dream job?

a) Athlete.
b) Journalist.
c) Artist.
d) Teacher.
e) Skiing instructor.

6. What would your ideal holiday be?

a) A destination like Sunway Lagoon, where I can be active.
b) Somewhere classy - Paris or Rome.
c) A relaxing holiday, possibly a beach retreat or a spa break.
d) Anywhere my friends/family want to go, as long as they're happy.
e) Somewhere with loads of snow like Antarctica or the French Alps.


7. What's your dream car?

a) A pickup truck.
b) A stylish Porsche.
c) A Mini Cooper.
d) A reliable SUV with enough space for my family.
e) A snowmobile.


8. How would your friends describe you?

a) Energetic - I'm full of energy and always up for the next adventure.
b) Super smart - I'm at my best when my brain's being challenged.
c) Stubborn - Once my mind's made up there's no changing it.
d) Kind - I like to treat others the way I like to be treated.
e) Outgoing - I'm always the first one to strike up a conversation.


9. What's your sense of style?

a) Leggings and a slouchy t-shirt, comfy but practical.
b) On the cutting edge of stylish.
c) Cute and preppy.
d) Whatever, I'm not fussy as long as I'm comfortable!
e) I'm happiest in my warm winter coat.


10. If you could pick only one meal what would it be?

a) A Caesar salad.
b) Lobster.
c) Coq au vin.
d) A roast dinner.
e) A warming chili con carne.


11. Your drink of choice?

a) A protein shake.
b) Cosmopolitan.
c) French wine.
d) Coffee, always.
e) Hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows.


12. Finally, what's your favourite TV/Film/Book genre?

a) Sports shows - sports are my passion.
b) Documentaries - I love learning new things.
c) Romance - I love gushing over cute couples.
d) Comedies - things that make me laugh are the best.
e) Horror - the spookier, the better.


**drum roll please**


What dog breed are you?

Mostly A) Border Collie

Yay! You're a Border Collie! You're more than likely energetic and at your happiest when you're playing sports and keeping active. You put your health first and love spending time outdoors, getting your daily fresh air and exercise.

When you're not playing sport, you're probably watching it!

Mostly B) Poodle

Congratulations, you're a Poodle! Your sense of style is always one step ahead of the curve and you're more than likely wearing the next trend before everyone else. Where you may be high-maintenance, you're also extremely intelligent and love to learn new things.

Mostly C) French Bulldog

Huzzah! You're a French Bulldog! You're a romantic soul that enjoys the finer things in life. You're cute without even trying and you love to take time for yourself to relax. However, you can be stubborn and once your mind's made up, it's almost impossible to change.

Mostly D) Labrador

Woo! You're a Labrador! Everyone knows you as a kind-hearted person that puts their friends and family first at all times. You love helping people and can be found volunteering or helping out as much as you can in your spare time.

You're super likeable and everyone loves having you around.

Mostly E) Siberian Husky

Whoop whoop! You're a Siberian Husky! You have a real zest for life and spend most your time either having adventures or planning your next one. The winter is your all-time favourite season and the sight of snow fills you with joy and excitement.

You're also really outgoing and have no problem striking up a conversation or making new friends!

Thanks for taking our dog quiz! What dog breed are you? Why not let all your friends know and share your results on your Facebook or twitter? For more information on dog breeds, take a look at our dog breed library and find the perfect dog breed for you.

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