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Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds

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Some dog breeds are happy with only moderate amounts of grooming and exercise, but don't think they'll show you less affection for it. Discover some of the most charming low-maintenance dogs.

Low-maintenance dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Although some think that tiny breeds will make a dog owner's life a bit easier, some of the most undemanding canines are actually on the larger side of dog breeds.

There is no such thing as a zero-maintenance dog, so expect walking, feeding, grooming and playing to still be part of the routine. But there are a few canines able to match hectic schedules better than the rest. These are the low-maintenance dog breeds. Discover some of the most popular ones, big and small, below.


Low-maintenance dog breeds: the usual suspects

Some dogs are just meant for busy owners. Whether it's their minuscule size that can make the most of a small garden, their coat that barely sheds or the minimal grooming requirements, the toy breeds are the obvious undemanding companions. Here are some of the loveliest small low-maintenance dogs you can have in your life.


The smallest of dogs has its place guaranteed on any low-maintenance dogs list. There are no demanding chores with a smooth-coat Chihuahua in your life. Grooming is a five-minute job and you only have to do it once a week. Dog walking is a snap as this little guy is content with just a half-hour wander around the neighbourhood. Plus, their itty-bitty size means that you can take a Chihuahua with you on your daily errands.

There is one thing to be ready for though. They might not look like it, but the small Chihuahuas are some of the bossiest canines you'll ever meet. Their intelligence and enthusiasm can easily turn them into yappy companions with a mind of their own. But with patient and consistent training early on, you'll be able to keep their independent streak under control to thoroughly enjoy life together.


Due to their small stature, the Dachshunds are often considered one of the most low-maintenance dog breeds you can wish for. There is not much shedding to worry about, weekly grooming sessions are plenty and you can get away with moderate exercise as their tiny frame isn't made to sustain much running and jumping.

They can be quite stubborn and a bit of a food scavenger at times, so keep an eye on the food supplies to make sure they remain intact between meals. But with training and early-on socialisation a Dachshund will be able to navigate family life without any problems. Just make sure you include their two favourite pastimes into the daily schedule - playing and napping - and you'll have a friend for life.


Quiet, small and far from being a natural athlete, the Pug is another miniature puppy you'll be happy to have in your home. Known as a low-maintenance dog breed, the Pug does tend to shed, but they need minimal grooming and only half hour of walking a day to stay in shape. As long as you have a good vacuum cleaner around, that's a good trade-off.

It's in a Pug's nature to be the perfect companion, so you won't hear them yapping away or trying to impress you with over-the-top antics. But they are a fun dog to be around as well as a calm and affectionate buddy. You'll be thoroughly charmed by their sweet personality every day. You've been warned!


Medium and large low-maintenance dog breeds

Low-maintenance dogs don't always come in small packages. Some of the most carefree canines are far beyond the size that fits into your pocket. Here are some medium and large breeds that won't leave you with a plate full of dog responsibilities at the end of the day.


You wouldn't suspect that the fastest dog around can be such a couch potato, but the Greyhound is that athletic dog that can't wait for a good cuddle in your lap. Their mellow nature combined with minimum grooming necessities make them one of the most low-maintenance dogs in the large breeds group.

They are quite the gentle giant: quiet, even shy at times, but very affectionate towards their human family. You will catch them more often lounging in the living room rather than running out the door for their walk. But this doesn't mean they're totally oblivious to their exercise needs. It's just that the Greyhound is much more satisfied with a few good sprints than with endless walks. The added bonus is that you're likely to finish the daily walk well before the other dog owners have even had a chance to properly stretch their legs.

Labrador retriever

Admittedly a Labrador retriever's energy levels are usually through the roof and their shedding can get a bit too much at times, but owners still rate them as one of the most low-maintenance dog breeds they've ever come across. It's not just because of their coat that requires only a brush a week (and slightly more attention when moulting).

In the case of a Labrador retriever it's actually their personality that makes them such a favourite. Their reputation for being a sweet-natured and extremely adaptable dog will be confirmed once you discover how easy it is for them to bond with everyone in sight, children and other pets included. Their infectious positive energy will make looking after them a breeze too.


Don't let the ferocious looks of a Mastiff deceive you - although quite on the large and heavy size of dog breeds, they are a very docile and affectionate companion. Their low energy levels don't give them much of a choice other than lounging on the couch for the best part of a day. They'll even forget their own massive physique and try to find a warm spot in your lap if allowed.

Easy to train, eager to please and with a short coat that doesn't require too much attention, Mastiffs are often recognised as one of the most low-maintenance dogs around. One thing to be ready for is that they do tend to put on the pounds if not properly exercised. Make sure you set time aside for two daily walks about half hour each and you're good to go.

If you've decided that you definitely need a low-maintenance dog in your life, check out our calm and lazy dog breeds list for even more inspiration. Did you know that there are over 30 dog breeds that come from the United Kingdom? Discover some of the most popular English dog breeds here.