Why Purina Offers a Wide Range of Cat Food

Because we truly care about cats as much as you do, we make sure that your feline friends get nothing but the best. This is why when we develop our cat foods, we spend a lot of time talking to cat lovers for better insights on how we can cater to a wider range of cats.
Woman holding cat
Woman holding cat
Woman holding cat

Some cats prefer a crunchy texture, while others want wet food for a more luxurious lunch, or maybe your cat is one that likes a bit of both. You may have one cat who is a big fan of chicken, and another who will only eat salmon.

Each pet and their taste buds are unique in their own way. That is why we developed a large collection of products so that we can give your furry friend what they want and need.

What your cat needs

Choosing the best cat food for your pet is not that simple. They have different nutritional needs at different stages in their lives, and our range of products is made specially to address this.

Kittens grow up very quickly in a short time – they would have reached 75% of their adult size when they are just six months old! This means that they would need the right nutrients to support their growth without harming their small tummies.

Once they become adults, their needs change. It reaches a point where they would need 41 essential nutrients from their food, so we make sure our carefully balanced adult formulas are packed with all the goodness they need.

As cats approach their senior years, their needs change again, so we have special formulas for the more mature felines. Some of our four-legged friends have special dietary needs, because of illness or allergies, so we make sure that we provide formulas that cater to their specific needs, too.

Growing kitten infographic

How to give your cat a complete diet

Felix As Good As It Looks

Pet owners need to make sure their cats get carefully balanced and complete cat food that has all the necessary nutrients .

Purina cat food complete formulas include all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs, so you won’t have to worry about adding any additional supplements.

While we’re busy taking care of your cat’s nutrition, you can focus on building a stronger relationship with your furry friend!


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