Understanding Cat Behaviour & Training Guides

cat behaviour & training

Understanding Cat Behaviour & Training Guide

Why Your Cat is Meowing at Night

Hearing a cat meowing at night is considerably common – but if you are a cat owner and it’s your cat that is meowing (also known as vocalization) at night, it may be a sign that your cat is feeling discomfort and it may be disturbing their rest. Read on to find out why they may be more vocal at night.
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Training Your Kitten or Cat

When talking about tricks, we usually think of dogs. But did you know you can also teach your cat a few tricks? If you start them young, your furry friend can actually learn tricks like recognising their name and come to you when you call them!
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Understanding Your Cat's Body Language

Whether you’re a first time cat owner or have a long term feline friend, there will be times where you wish you could know what your cat is thinking.
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