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5 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Now that your pup knows basic dog training, it’s time to teach them some cool dog tricks! Read our step-by-step article for advanced training top tips.

We all love the idea of having a well-trained dog who hangs on our every word – and now your puppy has all the basics under their belt, it’s time to move on to the more advanced dog training techniques. Learning new tricks and games with your dog is going to benefit you as much as will benefit them and it will enhance your relationship as a result. It’s a win-win!

Some of these fun dog tricks are based on mastering basic dog training skills, so if you need a refresher make sure you check our article first.


How to focus your dog’s attention for learning dog tricks

Having a dog who will give you their attention when you ask means they are ready to listen to you, and this is the first step in every other part of your advanced puppy training. The fun dog tricks below require your puppy’s attention for the learning process to begin. There’s no point asking your dog anything if his mind is elsewhere!

Teach your pup to look at you when you say his name. This is something you should have been doing since puppyhood, but this is a good time to have a refresh. Have treats in your pocket while you’re in the house or garden. At various times when your dog isn’t expecting it, say their name brightly and enthusiastically. If they look at you, drop a treat on the ground between you, so the dog moves towards you to get the treat.

You are teaching the puppy that their name means “give me your attention and good things happen”. Start doing this when there are no distractions and build it up until you can do it everywhere, no matter what is going on. Positive association like this is an important step in advanced dog training.


Top tips for teaching your dog tricks

  • Be patient. It can take several repetitions over a few days before your dog gets the hang of these advanced tricks. Arm yourself with plenty of patience and treats before every session.
  • Keep the sessions short. Even when you’re the master of your pup’s attention, dogs will cease to be interested in what you have to say if the training goes on for ages. Limit the sessions to a few minutes each. It’s better to have multiple short dog tricks training sessions a day than a long one lasting the entire afternoon.
  • Don’t scold your dog. They’re doing their best to learn, so even if it takes longer than you expected, be calm and keep the training fun and exciting. This way your dog will be more likely to enjoy it and more willing to go through many iterations of the same routine to get it right.

5 Cool dog tricks to teach your canine friend

How to teach dog tricks to more than one dog?

If you’re spending your days with more than one dog it’s a good idea to have one-to-one time with each dog while you’re introducing a new activity.

Not only will it enhance the bond you have with each dog, but you’ll also be able to tailor and adapt the session to suit the way they learn.

If you’re worried that your dogs might become grumpy with each other in the presence of new toys or treats, then think about the best way to learn on a one-to-one basis.


What to do when dog training doesn't go as planned?

Yes, teaching your dog tricks and games can be frustrating, but keep in mind that you have the written instructions, your dog doesn’t!

Reconsider your goal

Have realistic aims when you’re introducing new tricks and games. These ideas are based on force-free fun so the best case is your dog learns a reliable new cue or fully engages in the way you’d like. The worst case is you both have a good time, your dog gets a few treats and they’re reminded that you’re a fabulous person to be around!

Work on your message and timing

Take a step back, have a break and think about what you were doing during the session. There’s a chance you’re not making the message clear to your dog so, think about breaking down the steps further or work on your timing. Don't forget, this is supposed to be fun!

Remember, there's no pressure

We’re sure that if we asked you how much your dog loves playing, your eyes would light up as you told us all about how much fun your dog has with her/his favourite game. Now, be honest, how many different tricks and games have you taught your dog?

Not many, right?!

That’s ok, you have all the time in the world to introduce some new tricks and games, keep the sessions short and remember; there’s no pressure for you or your dog.

Ultimately these advanced dog training techniques are a fun and exciting bonding experience that will set you up for a happy and healthy life together. For even more bonding ideas discover games you can play with your dog and get inspiration from out top 5 fun puppy sports list.