​Talking cat - The ears

Try looking at your cat’s ears with these pointers in mind, and you could just be decoding their emotions!


  • Straight & points facing forward = They are calm. This is the best time for snuggles and belly rubs.
  • Straight & points facing to the sides = They are angry. Try finding out if anything is annoying them and calm them down.
  • Flattened laterally = They are anxious and defensive. To soothe their anxiety, you can try changing their environment.
  • Completely pushed back = They are angry or is in a state of intense fear. Give them some space to calm them down.
  • Straight & points facing towards the back during sniffing – This is an automatic and involuntary posture.


Ears are not the only signal

The position of their ears can give you clues, but their facial expressions, as well as the movement of their whiskers and pupils can also be used to tell you how they currently feel. If your cat's ears are completely flattened back and her pupils are larger than usual, you can conclude is that she is afraid. However, if her pupils are smaller, she is angry and aggression is not far off. Other behaviours such as the way they position their body, whiskers and tail, and the sounds they make, all help you to understand how your cat is feeling.

Knowing all this would make it easier to communicate with your cat and would prepare you better with how to deal with your furbaby.

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