Are indoor cats less happy than their outdoor friends?

Firstly, build a living space that recreates life outdoors by offering access to different heights, areas to rest, and a feeding place far away from their litter tray.

Next, make sure you keep them stimulated. Play games with them and leave activities for them to play with while you're away. For example, provide them with a toy, that also gives out small and healthy snacks when they play or touch it*.

Finally, because indoor cats tend to form more hairball, make sure to keep their coat in check with regular brushing and a diet rich in fibre.

43% of the time, surgery is required to fix a problem caused by digestion problems due to hairballs.

#1 - If she can’t bite or eat on grass, let her eat catnip- a plant of the mint family that has a smell that is attractive to cats. Many cats enjoy it, and it might also help her vomit hair swallowed during grooming.

#2 - Try Purina ONE® Indoor Cat Food, which contains fibres to help limit hairball formation while providing the nutrients they need.