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Your Pet, Our Passion.
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Witness Visible Differences in just 3 Weeks

Keep your cat healthy by feeding her PURINA ONE® and see the changes yourself.
A maine coon cat eating PURINA ONE kibbles from a teal food bowl
Day 1: Great Appetite
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With its delicious taste and high quality ingredients, PURINA ONE® will provide your cats with the nutrients they need and the flavours they love.

Maine Coon cat playing
Week 1: High Levels of Energy & Vitality
Jumping cat icon to show the high levels of energy

You may see your cat’s energy and vitality levels increase aided by the high quality, complete and balanced nutrition of PURINA ONE®, made with real meat as it's first ingredient.

Maine Coon cat looking majestic & alert
Week 2: A Healthy Digestion
healthy digestion icon

PURINA ONE® comes with an optimal blend of fibre sources, including inulin to help keep your cat's digestive system healthy. Thanks to appropriate fibre sources and the high digestibility of PURINA ONE®, you could also notice that your cat is passing small, firm stools.

Maine Coon cat with Shiny Eyes
Week 3: Shiny Coat, Healthy Skin & Bright Eyes
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PURINA ONE® contains specific nutrients including Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your cat’s skin healthy and her coat shiny. A high level of antioxidants also helps support bright, healthy eyes.

Maine Coon looking classy, healthy & alert.
Within the Month
Immune system, dental health & bone & joint health icons

Our PURINA ONE® recipe now with IMMUNE DEFENCE PLUS+ is specially formulated with beta glucans, vitamin C & E and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help support optimal immune health to help maintain the visible health of your cat from within. It's high quality proteins, calcium content and crunchy kibbles also promote strong muscles and healthy joints with good dental health to help your cat stay healthy and happy.

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