Made with Real Ingredients

PURINA ONE® knows you want the best for your dog. That’s why PURINA ONE® is made with Real Lamb or Chicken as the #1 ingredient, in formulas that give dogs the taste they love and the nutrition they need. Our SmartBlend of ingredients will provide nutrition for good health that’s visible in dogs’ radiant health and energy level. See the results in just 30 days!


Purina ONE® is rich in essential nutrients with superior taste to help your pet enjoy enhanced health not only for today, but for several years to come.

Learn about the 6 signs of a healthy dog and see the difference in 30 days.
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    A pet’s body is considered ideal when it’s well proportioned. You should be able to feel the outline of the ribs with only gentle pressure of your fingertips. Your pet should have a waist when viewed from above and its belly should be tucked up when viewed from the side.
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    Digestibility is the percentage of a food’s protein and other nutrients available and utilised by your pet. Assuming your pet is in good health, small firm stools are a good sign your pet is absorbing the nutrition provided by their food (and less is passing through as waste).
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    Normal, healthy skin colour ranges from pale pink through to shades of brown and black. A healthy coat is smooth, pliable and free of dandruff and odours. Eyes should be clear, bright and free from discharge.
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    This is indicated by overall well-being and quality of life. Physical signs of a strong immune system include active and energetic behaviour, alert posture and strong muscle.
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    Healthy teeth and gums are the first step in the digestive process and the ability to effectively chew food is vital for digestion. Check your pet’s teeth regularly for signs of build-up and see your vet on a routine basis for an examination and cleaning if necessary.
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    Signs that may help you identify healthy bones and joints include a normal range of motion and flexibility to perform routine tasks such a climbing stairs, proper posture and continued interest in exercise.